Posted by THCBlueberry on April 22 2011 02:26:07

Hello and welcome to the 'New Look' website....

The new and improved thcblueberry.com

...seeking the truth and exposing the lies!

For many years i have felt as though something was not right here, the world i saw around me was all wrong.... Paths that have opened up to me and ones that have fallen away, all i believe to lead me through my learning here in this density and to bring me to the place i am now.

I have travelled many paths to get here, sometimes it has been hard, and most times it’s been terrible.... but there’s always been that glimmer of hope in the back of my mind telling me that something better is around the corner.... i just had to keep going.

After years on a rocky path i finally came to some smooth ground were i met a wonderful soul to travel with.... we have both been travelling together for many years now, mostly on a smooth road, but with plenty of speed bumps to overcome along the way. We have managed to keep our heads above the water, just.... but we have persevered and kept going to arrive at the place where we are now. We have added two wonderful young souls to our travelling band along the way, and they too have brought with them many joys and also many pains... as is life.

Over the last few years, well ever since 9/11 probably and the arrival of our first young one, i have had a sinking sadness in my soul, i was not aware of all the theories around, a few but i had not actively researched anything to great extent. Seeing all those lives destroyed, bringing this innocent soul into THIS world.... my soul felt as though it had died.

I started to read and research, i don’t recall how i got onto certain sites that lead me in the right direction, but suddenly i found that i was seeing through the veil of lies and deceit that has shrouded the world almost completely.
Everything started to make sense, why i had always felt certain ways about particular things... i could see why i was like i had been when i looked back on my life. As though sub consciously i knew, and that sub consciousness was resisting and guiding my consciousness as best it could.

The single most revealing information i found, which in turn propelled me even further down this path, was ‘The Rothschilds’. Upon reading in depth about this family i realized what i had known deep inside to be true for a long time, we had been controlled for hundreds of years and as i would later discover.... much, much longer than that.

So after much video watching, reading books, forums and others theories i started to form my own. I am not going to catalogue them all here, but at some point in the future i may.

I am instead just going to let you see and read what i have, and let you come to your own conclusions about the material presented.

For a good few years i have created and maintained my own websites, and on that note... if any old Bloody Nation users pop back this way... a big hello to you, i hope you have been well in these trying times. I’m sorry the game won’t be coming back, well not in the foreseeable future anyway. I hope someday that i can create another community like we had to come together and enjoy once again... but priorities must prevail at this moment in time.

I have decided to use my website to gather in one place all that i have found and share it with anyone who wishes to look. All the information i post on here will mostly be all that i have read or watched, and also i will be linking to other sites that i frequent too.

For some years i have been trying to wake up those around me, and with much relief most have awoken and still continue to learn and seek out the truth too.

When i speak of the truth, i mean in all senses... not just the lies that we are told on the main stream media, (msm), but all we are taught throughout our whole lives. How we should live them, what we should believe and how to do what we do. I find myself in a very spiritual place at this moment in time, and it is a better place that i have been in before. If you do chose to look at what i put up here then hopefully you will also see the truth and become more at peace with not just yourself, but the world around you. I want to point out that i am not a religious person, quite the opposite and i do not wish to offend those who do choose that path but i do wish they would look and research themselves instead of accepting what they are told to be the truth.

So basically that is it for now, in time i may open up the site for registration and the forums to encourage some discussion on the subjects here... but for the moment i am just going to build up the information and let people digest it, and hopefully go away and learn... seek the truth!

I will add more in due time, as and when i am able too. Also any new information i come across will also be put up, but first things first.

In the meantime, please do take the time out to check out the web links, there is valuable information out there, and as i have said.... in time i will try to get it all together here for you.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it......
In very much the same way, the truth cannot be taught, it has to be found!
People, search for the truth, in your hearts and minds you will know it when you find it.

Peace & Love to 'One' & All.....

Don't Let Colour Religion or Borders Divide Us!
We Are One Race, Human.. Who Should Share the Same Belief that We Can,
and Should, Make this World, Our World that Supports Us and Gives Us Life,
Better For All...
Not Just For Us Here and Now, But For Our Children and the Future...
As they Should For Theirs.